Monday, 12 December 2011

Before I started filling in my website with all the campaign details and domestic violence awareness I designed a template that I could use for each page on my website.  This makes things easier for myself and saves me building another template that will match the others, it will make the website neater in general.  I was originally going to only put the logo I designed on the front page and make it a larger size.  Instead I decided to put it on all of the pages because it looks effective.  

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Discovering font titles

For a suitable font for my website I went on and looked through all the different styles it had on the website.  I thought the font 'capture it' is the one that suited a domestic violence website.  I then added the font onto photo shop to produce my titles.  

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Website Logo

I designed a logo which I personally thought was quite clever for a domestic violence website 'an angry heart'.  The colour scheme of red and pink I think is suitable for a domestic violence website through the blatent issue of love or love gone wrong.  I chose them to match the colour scheme of the website and coloured my logo in on photo shop.  My skills in photoshop have definitely improved because I wouldn't have been able to colour in my angry heart without any practice.  I wanted a logo on my website because when I went on other domestic violence websites they had their own logo on the page and I thought it was quite effective.  

Monday, 14 November 2011

Website brief

I am creating a campaign website which will be featured on the issue of domestic violence. This website will consist of four pages including a home page. The issue of domestic violence is a problem that has exculated in teenage and adult relationships. The only way to stop the problem from getting worse is to stand up and stop it by building websites such as mine which will point out the problem of domestic violence, inform people on domestic violence, campaign against domestic violence by bringing people together and support eachother to stop this growing problem.

Thursday, 10 November 2011


We put a survey together to think about what it would be like to research before designing a real website. We considered what would be important for us to know:

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

School Website Brief

I will create a website for Cherry Tree Secondary. The school has been taken over and wants a new outlook. The design of my website will have a modern stylish look to it and have the littlest amount of information possible so that it is easy to find and read. By carrying out the survey I have decided to use the school colours so that it is recognizable. I will use a conventional layout using a master head with the school name and image. Also I will incorporate images and videos of the school and activities that the school does. I will have a main menu linking to other pages of relevance to the school such as, subjects. The website will also use badges at the bottom of the page which represent the school. Other useful information will be used on the main page to help users such as the time and a calendar.

Friday, 14 October 2011

Research into domain name and hosting

Before I started making my website it was important to research about the domain name of a website and website hosting.

What is website hosting?
A web host is needed to host a website as web hosting allows individuals and organisations to access their website on the world wide web, it is a type of Internet hosting service.  The company normally charges you to use their server to host a website so others can access it.  As my website is campaigning against domestic violence and is a charity website researching for the cheapest hosting server is important so funds for the charity will increase rather than spending the profit on hosting the website.  Some web hosts are free but when they are free not everything is offered to make your website the best.  The more money that is paid for the website the better the website is because it will have more features.

I would go for a medium amount to spend on my website rather than a free one because they don't have many functions to offer and wouldn't benefit the website just like having a really expensive host wouldn't benefit the charity.  The web host server that appealed to me was which offers web hosting from £1.95 a month rather than the usual amount of £4.95.  I feel that this web hosting server offers a decent amount of functions for my website at a reasonable price.

What is a domain?
A domain is basically the name of the website either ending in or .com.  The domain can be used along side the web host making sure that no other website has the domain name.  A domain name is important because it allows people to simply type in the domain website address to access the website.